HDY won the award of "Three Sustainable Development Distributors"

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On November 6, 2020, the global bimodal meeting hosted by ASPENCORE, the largest media group in the field of electronic technology in the world, ended perfectly in Sheraton Greater China Hotel Shenzhen. During this period, the awarding ceremony of 'Outstanding Performance Award of Global Electronic Components Distributors in 2020' was held, and HDY was awarded the award of 'Three Major Distributors of Sustainable Development'.。


Chen Weizhong, General Manager of HDY (left)

In the rapid development process of electronic technology industry, distributors are an important part that cannot be ignored. Over the past 13 years, Hongding Technology has focused on electronic component supply solutions, serving thousands of customers at home and abroad with 2000+standing stock models and 5000+supply models. In the future, Hongding Science and Technology will continue to move forward in the development of the electronic industry with the business philosophy of 'Hongding has a bright future and innovation is endless', as well as the continuous expansion of product line resources and high-quality services that have always been adhered to.




HDY has been committed to the distribution and promotion of TI (Texas Instruments) products since 2007. Shenzhen and Hong Kong have their own warehouses. At present, there are 2000+standing spot models and 5000+supply models, which can quickly respond to customer procurement needs, and can be delivered directly from the spot and sold from one piece to the next.

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers' brands, we have also been expanding our product lines, such as ADI, NXP, BOSCH, etc., to provide customers with one-stop electronic component supply services and help them achieve success.