General quality inspection process

General quality inspection process

Professional QC Team

Standard QC System

Strict IQC Inspection

Full Process Pictures Recording

Professional QC Testing Equipment

Traceability of All Batches

▷Supplier screening

▷Packaging inspection

▷Label verification

▷ Physical state


▷ Anti counterfeiting inspection

▷Dimension inspection

▷High precision microscope inspection of surface and pins

▷Chemical reagent test on chip surface

▷Take photos and archive

▷Scanning code for warehousing

Deep quality inspection process

We can also send components to well-known professional testing institutions in the industry for higher level testing according to customer requirements.

Supplier management

Over 15-year experience in electronic components, we have great supply chain management system and QC system, such as strict IQC process, defective parts rejection standard, SAP system, and supplier rating system.

Third-Party Quality Certification